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Our Approach

We build relationships to build businesses.

Bizjump is a global venture capital firm that provides technical and financial assistance to great entrepreneurs. As social venture capitalists we aim to assist business development, especially in low-income areas. We curate relationships with entrepreneurs and business experts in order to create successful enterprises that will provide an avenue to upward mobility for entrepreneurs and job creation for others. We strive to make a positive contribution to society through these investments not just economically, but socially. We believe that some entrepreneurs with good ideas just need a great plan or the help to execute it.

Many entrepreneurs in addition to generating income for themselves and their families are seeking to provide opportunities for others in the form of employment. This what we want to help with. Bizjump builds relationships with entrepreneurs to find out what they need in order to help them successfully launch and run their businesses. We offer our investment with the expectation of benefits in the form of a positive return, not just economically but socially.

We do everything we can to ensure the success of the visions and ideas we think can be successful companies. We typically offer entrepreneurs a mutually beneficial partnership that will include funds, advice and risk management to protect our investment and the vision of the entrepreneur. We reject the idea that venture capitals should only be about profit; instead, they should be about development, which is our main goal.

Global Reach

Investment & Development know no borders

We have partnered with hundreds of small entrepreneurs all over the world to turn their ‘small’ ideas into million dollar businesses. We have extensive partnerships with entrepreneurs from Jamaica, New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. We create partnerships to generate income for people in low-income areas, not only through the initial investment, but through job creation that impacts the socio-economic development of these places. Though we aim to partner with entrepreneurs in low-income areas, we partner with entrepreneurs that do not fall into this category.

Bizjump Venture Capital has played a part in bringing to life ideas right across the globe. We have worked with entrepreneurs worldwide to jumpstart and assist countless successful businesses with advise, funding and networking. We believe that entrepreneurs need more than a financial injection to have a successful business. We introduce them to techniques, put them in the right rooms and tell them the rules to follow to get them on the right path.

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A venture capital's role is more than just injecting money. A VC should build relationships with entrepreneurs, colloborate to develop ideas and open the doors to foster business development.
— Clinton Daley - Managing Director of Bizjump
Our Philosophy

Our Selection Method



We strive to choose the best ventures for investment. All potential ventures undergo a screening process. Ventures will provide a brief profile of their venture as an overview of what their vision is. The screening also involves a list of criteria including technology or product, market scope, size of investment, geographical location and stage of financing.



After a proposed venture has passed the screening process, we will thoroughly evaluate the entrepreneur and their proposal. We will look at the venture’s market potential, technological feasibility, future turnover, and profitability. We will also conduct a risk analysis. The analysis will seek to evaluate product risk, market risk, technological and entrepreneurial risk. Looking at entrepreneurial risk, we will first look into the entrepreneur’s history, managerial abilities, competence and integrity. All of which will determine whether the venture is worth the wager.



Venture proposals that pass the evaluation process, will result in the discussion of nature of the investment relationship. Negotiation aimed at protecting the interests of both parties. The negotiated terms include investment amount, control, and management, etc. Terms of the investment relationship will be agreed by both parties.



Once negotiations are complete and terms are agreed, the work to develop and make the venture successful begins. We will work with the entrepreneur to ensure everything goes smoothly and as planned. We rarely interfere with the ventures’ daily activities. We serve as a guiding hand in managerial and financial activities. We only step in when things are not going as planned.

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